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It's been a while since I've stumbled upon this account... and to be honest it's because I've been improving myself and still am. For example, the sprite stuff I use to do with permission. Yea, that's done for a while. I say that so I can work on my art (take note of both my icons) and start animating since I've gotten most of my skills back. This also means that this site will be more than likely be my main site for showing my stuff, especially since the new guidelines for YouTube has taken a toll for a lot of animators nowadays.

I'll also start going into the forums to show off some scripts I want to see come to life as well. This isn't a short message but it sure isn't long either. Whenever I gett the chance (and/or think that it's ready) I will put a simple yet funny cartoon in along with some other ideas. Have a good one guys.

I... seriously just found this out. It's been like almost a year since I actually visit this site to find this. It's pretty awesome & pretty disappointing at the same time. It's awesome because I can submit my sprite movies since I barely use flash. The downside to this is of course... the limit of the movie. The reason why I say this is because I won't be able to show Marvel Super Heroes here. So, just in case you want to check out Season 1 until Season 2 comes out this fall, just go to this link.

MSH Sprite series: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8592183AB2DA252C

This is the Story #1 Playlist since something is currently wrong with the show's page.

I'm thinking about putting Marvel super Heroes here. Tell me wat you think about that in the comments. Also here's a flash animation test.

I mostly do sprite animation using 75% of MUGEN. Hopefully I'll get a chance to show them here.